Many people wonder what makes a website secure. Modern websites have the capability of encrypting information that is communicated onto and out from the site. This is particularly important for e-commerce sites which process credit cards. You should never make an online purchase unless you see that the site has been secured with SSL, but how can we tell if this is so? Shoppers can look for the “S” in https, or what has been made even easier in browsers such as Chrome, the green lock to the left of the URL.

As a business owner, you should consider securing your website whether or not you process credit cards online. Consumers are trained to look for the ‘green lock.’ It is a sign of trust that your business is handling sensitive information in a responsible and ethical way. The green lock is also a highly visible symbol of trust – it shows that your website is trusted by Google for users of the Chrome browser, or by Apple for Safari users. Subtly, it is as if your entire business is being validated by these giant authorities.

Getting an SSL certificate installed for your website can be costly and it requires giving a web developer root access to the server on which your business is running. It is important to hire a web developer worthy of your trust.

Here at Wanna Get Online we believe that every business should have affordable, reliable SSL for their website. That’s why we install SSL for free on all of our hosted accounts. Every website we build and each site that we migrate over to our server is fully secure. We also install SSL encryption on your server for a low cost. Get in touch with our sales team today to discuss our full range of services.

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