SSD is possibly one the greatest things to happen to the modern computer since the hard drive was invented. For a higher cost than your typical standard mechanical hard drive you can now purchase a solid state drive or SSD. The average SSD will typically cost double or triple what a standard drive will run you. For example, a 500GB HDD will run you about $40 but a 500GB SSD will run you closer to $120.

So what justifies this extreme price increase for the same amount of storage space?

It all lies within the speed and reliability of the product. The three main benefits you will see from your SSD upgrade are:

  1. Speed, ohh the glorious speed, the difference is honestly incredible and will blow you away, it can sometimes be as fast as 10X the speed! The main reason SSD is so much faster is because it has no moving parts such as a disc and a reading head. Therefore all the data is accessible without the hard drive using a reader head to scan a disc and then read back the data which can take much more time.
  2. Reliability, since SSD’s do not have any moving parts that can become easily damaged, the data which is stored on them will likely always be secure. Your standard HDD is extremely susceptible to shock damage and other blunt force hits. Your chances of losing your precious data due to a magnetic wipe are also significantly reduced (if you take a strong magnet and put it next to a HDD all the data will be wiped).
  3. No noise or overheating, because there are no moving parts SSD’s are silent and do not produce much heat. With the spinning platters and moving read/write heads an HDD can sometimes be one of the loudest components in your computer. With moving parts comes added heat, which is why the HDD generates more heat. Heat can slowly damage electronics over time, so the higher the heat, the greater the potential of the damage being done.



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